Marketers are inundated with data

You can survey people’s thoughts, and track their behaviors, but people cannot or will not share all their true feelings. These subconscious emotions and unspoken biases affect what people watch, what they buy and who they vote for.

It's time for Monet


Monet was developed to decode the knowledge gap between what people say and what they really feel. It is the first and only AI-powered analytics platform to capture and contextualize subconscious human emotions at scale and harmonize them with conscious, survey-based attitudes and opinions.

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Barcelona               Los Angeles  London                    Chicago     

Delhi                        Mexico City

Seattle                     Dubai


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Monet makes headlines

10 MARCH 2020

Monet Analytics Launches AI Content Testing System

Monet Analytics has launched a product that uses artificial intelligence to measure audience reaction to content.

09 SEPT 2019

Monet introduces the ultimate long form content testing solution

AI-Powered Technology Humanizes Data to Understand Audience Reactions at Scale, Fast

07 MAY 2019

Monet founder, Anurag Bist, receives dean’s award of excellence

University of Hawaii Honors Bist at 19th Annual College Of Engineering Banquet