Cheetos steals the chip, again.

Cheetos steals the chip, again.

Cheetos needed to pull off a hail marry to come back from an underperforming teaser leading up to the Big Game. We tested their ads’ performance against last year and other Big Game commercials to report yet another big win.

The nostalgic cheese fingers, story and lyrics triggered extremely high ATTENTION, EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT and ACTION. The world was looking for something lighthearted and funny during a serious game, and Cheetos came though.

Kutcher and Kunis AROUSED audiences at the get go, and Shaggy kept everyone smiling through the end. Other spots that also did well were Tide and Pringles.

Contact us if you would like a deeper dive into our Big Game Study that went beyond attitudinal popularity contest to detect how people really felt about the spots, or to see a demo of the patented technology platform.

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