Cheetos Super Bowl Ads Attention and Emotions

Ashton Fails to Tease Emotional Interest in Cheetos

Cheetos is defending their title at the Super Bowl with a new approach. We’ll be testing their in-game spots but their pre-game teaser tested and reported here fell short.

Last year they won the most Attention and Emotional Engagement with pop culture icon MC Hammer and a pop culture message that played to nostalgic cheese fingers. Instead of another fun and lighthearted spot, this year’s teaser with Ashton Kutcher was dark and serious.

Testing the two teaser ads together revealed MC Hammer scored higher in capturing ATTENTION and EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT. However, the strong EMOTION END score when Kutcher pulls out an empty Cheetos bag is a harbinger to another big game win that ties the story together and outperforms last year. We’ll be watching and revert with analytics for this spot and others.

Pre-Game Teasers Test

Image Image
Attention 46 42
Emotional Engagement 76 44


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