Optimizing branded content | social and digital commerce

Project | Objective

Upright Go® is a new tech device, sold Direct-to-Consumer and in Apple stores,  for naturally improving posture in just 20 minutes a day.   The brand made a significant investment producing online videos which failed to deliver sales and ROI on social channels. The brand sought guidance for optimizing current creative and to inform new creative for holiday season implementation.

Monet Methodology

The Monet Humanized Data™ Platform was used to test :30 and :60 video versions nationally among 600 target consumers, online. Subconscious emotions, conscious reactions and opinions were captured over 48 hours.

The Whole Picture

MONET identified key strengths to retain and key opportunities for significantly optimizing video persuasiveness:

Strengths: Exceptionally strong Attention arousal, Entertainment value and Intent to Share with friends.

Opportunities: Lack of Product/Narrative Integration. Humor and distracting executional elements overwhelmed the product   benefit story as demonstrated by SceneXScene analysis. 

THE BRAND executed above guidance and reported a “huge increase in holiday sales” resulting in positive ROI.