Ultimate long form testing solution | TV and streaming pilot testing

Project | Objective

TV Networks and Streaming Platforms rely on expensive screenings using dial tests and qualitative focus groups for quick guidance on TV pilot editing prior to green lighting. A large TV Network was looking for a more efficient and effective way to obtain demographic alignment and creative guidance for their pilots.

Monet Methodology

Three 60+ minute studio cut TV Pilots were tested nationally over a 24 hour period using the new Monet Ultimate Long Form Testing Solution. Monet provided guidance from 100 people per pilot within 36 hours collecting rich frame-by-frame subconscious emotions and conscious reactions including segment by segment program rating across such key attributes as Script, Actors, Music and Pacing as well as creative peaks and drag factors.

The Whole Picture

With 3X cost savings and in 36 hours, MONET provided actionable top-line guidance on performance of the 3 pilots relative to genre norms by audience cohort. Salient Scenes were identified by the patented Monet data science algorithm correlating emotions and reactions. 

Pilot 1 demonstrated the best overall entertainment value with the highest potential to win a broad audience. 
Pilot 2 ranked highest among non-Millennial. 
Pilot 3 had strong niche potential among among Male Millennial, but was very polarizing among Females of all ages. 
This new generation testing solution enabled quick editing and target refinement decisions with national representation and granular detail.