See what people don’t say about their political views

Project | Objective

To demonstrate the unique power of the Monet platform in capturing voters’ true feelings about candidates, Monet analyzed the subconscious reactions to the candidates in the 2019 Democratic Presidential Debates.

Baseline survey statistics and trends consistent with published polls.

Monet diagnosed the emotions and unspoken biases voters had towards the CNN and ABC Democratic Presidential Debates. We interviewed 2,400 US voters intending to vote in the 2020 Democratic Primaries. The voters attitudes were consistent with typical published polls, but the subconscious emotions revealed a different candidate performance.

Warren turns a red-flag emotional loss into an arousing moment

The Blue and White Collar workers from this test group had stronger feelings for personal stories, and weaker emotions when the candidates spoke about issues — except for Elizabeth Warren. Her personal story was not compelling to them. For example, when Warren says “I am a fighter” the response was lukewarm.

The emotional response jumps when Warren flips the language to bring everyone into the fight , as opposed to talking about herself. She says “Democrats are fighters… When we get out there and fight…” The emotional response to the subtle change in language choice shows an increase in arousal, guiding her personality for future debates.