Crisis Calibrate Your Content

Audiences are consuming more entertainment to de-sensitize from the negativity, while becoming more sensitive to content. Now you can get true reads on people’s emotions when they watch your video, commercial, tv show. Crisis calibrate your content with Monet.

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The Monet humanized-data platform gives you the ability test any content with any audience demographic. Do you want to see if your videos satisfy criticisms from boomers in the Midwest, or your PSA risks crisis-misappropriation to Millenials in the south? Now you can.

About Monet:

People cannot and will not share their true feelings. Monet uses artificial intelligence and facial action coding to show you viewer’s true subconscious and conscious reactions, their true emotions, that you can’t get with classic market research. It’s Monet, it’s real-time, it’s actionable, it’s artificial intelligence, its your go-to-tool to calibrate your content in times of crisis.

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