TMRE webcast recording on how to crisis calibrate your content for today’s COVID-19 mindset.

See behind people’s eyes

People today are more sensitive and emotional

There has never been a more important time to align your messaging with mindsets. Your audience’s conflicting, unspoken feelings are driving their behaviors during this crisis. Learn how audience sentiments have changed while watching this TMRE Digital Week webcast recording, so you can create more compelling, engaging content calibrated for the world today.  

In this webcast Monet Founder/ CEO, Dr. Anurag Bist, shares empirical new evidence demonstrating the new way people react to movies, TV shows, PSAs, commercials and political messaging. These findings come from the Monet AI Humanized Data Platform that passively captures and contextualizes human emotions, and harmonizes them with conscious attitudes. 


Limited Time Offer to Crisis Calibrate Test your Content at No Charge

Monet will conduct its standard Crisis Calibration Content Test for any video up to :60 seconds in length including commercials, trailers, PSAs, brand videos or political messaging in the continental US to the first 30 organizations who submit this form to request details before May 4th. First time users only. 


Monet decodes the gap between what people say and what they really feel

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Current audience onalytics platforms only paint a partial picture of human reaction Monet is a new generation technology that harmonizes conscious and subconscious emotional reactions with altitudes and opinions so you can see the whole picture to validate concepts and optimize content before investments are made.

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Market leaders see
the whole picture

Market leaders see the whole picture



  • I like the way you have brought so many metrics together. No other platform provides such detailed analyses. This is where you are better than your competition.”

    EVP, Advertising Analytics

    Global TV Network.
  • There is a big idea here: Sell your best work, data is no longer the enemy.”

    David Verklin Sr. Advisor, Boston Consulting Group,

    Former CEO, Aegis Carat.
  • Monet is a platform to help creative people achieve excellence in communication for products, brands and services in all creative industries.”

    Michael Conrad President , Berlin School of Creative Leadership,

    Former Worldwide Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Company.
  • The depth and breadth of quantitative insight, and speed of reporting, with the new Monet testing solution is really impressive. I think it’s the future of audience understanding.”

    Gian Fulgoni Co-Founder, Former Chairman,

    CEO, comScore and Information Resources Inc.