Emotion Won the Big Game

Emotion Won the Big Game

Monet tested a host of commercials on this year’s Big Game. Findings, once again, confirmed the most effective communication appeals to the emotions. It get’s people to laugh, cry, think or get excited. It’s not that one emotion works better than the other. It’s simply that EMOTION SELLS.

Advertising that lacks emotional appeal risks just lying there, adding to the clutter of being irrefutably logical, yet hopelessly dull.

The Cheetos and Toyota spots tested show two totally different ways to leverage the power of emotion. Cheetos teases comedy and celebrity to make people feel light and happy, which triggers an ACTION score much higher than the norm. Toyota appeals to the heart with a memorable story unlike any typical auto commercial.

Here’s a scene-by-scene video analysis of both spots with insights you can apply to your own strategy. (6 min watch)

With Monet, emotions and reactions don’t need to be extremely intense to see if intended affects were achieved. Monet monitors Emotional Engagement on a Frame by Frame basis from start to finish.

Email human@monetnetworks.com if you would like a deeper dive into this study that captures and combines emotions and reactions in creative-real time. Also, check out the Monet site or watch the quick video linked below.

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