Halo Top

Joy & Disgust Combined
Break Through The Noise

Deloitte Digital’s Heat agency found a way to break through the noise with this polarizing spot for Halo Top ice cream. This commercial captured the most focus of the 90 ads Monet tested so far during the pandemic, and provoked the second most arousal.

Upon analyzing what subconscious emotions drove the success towards women viewers, we found it was JOY & DISGUST. Eating a pint of Halo Top is so good, it’s disgusting.

The spot ranked #6 in evoking happy emotions and #8 in evoking disgust among women viewers. The dashboard view above shows the joy peaks at “Stop ‘Shoulding’ Yourself.” This was one of the rare times when polarizing emotions worked well together.

The Monet AI-powered Humanized Data Platform is quickly becoming the new secret weapon of on-the-ball Brand, Agency, Entertainment, and Political content creators to find out which emotions drive consumer reactions.

Email human@monetnetworks.com for a quick demo on the patented Monet methodology or to measure the emotional engagement of your commercials, trailers, pilots, and social videos. Check out our site or watch the quick video linked below.

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