I wonder concept test | positioning a new product

I wonder concept test | positioning a new product

iWonder™ concept test for positioning a new product

Project | Objective

Meta is a new digital teletherapy platform to connect the 46% of college students experiencing extreme stress or anxiety with experienced counselors through the privacy and convenience of their smartphones. The objective was to identify the most compelling brand positioning angle and messaging to provoke interest and trust among a skeptical audience.

Monet Methodology

Monet  tested 8 concept boards across a spectrum of attributes, benefits and consequences among 400 college students nationwide using a sequential monadic design. Subconscious Emotions, Eye Movement and Conscious Reactions were captured on a continuous basis for the thirty seconds respondents spent with each concept.

The Whole Picture

The positive benefit (“It will feel good to smile again”) generated the strongest Emotional Engagement overall based on traditional conscious measures. However, Subconscious Emotional Arousal and Attention within the first 3-6 seconds was highest for the “Everyone Can Use a Head Coach” concept which had the most provocative message and visual imagery.

The brand decided upon the “Smile Again” positioning overall while using arousing creative such as “Head Coach” for short attention social platforms to drive clicks through to their app and website.

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