Real-time Engagement Detection & Analytics for Corporate Training and Business Transformation.

We help businesses to improve  corporate training effectiveness and outcomes by learning from trainees emotions and reactions.

Did you know?

For investment in corporate training

Every $ returns up to $30

to your business.

– IBM Report: “The Value of Training”.

Trainees using collaborative learning environments watch

30x more hours

of content than learners who don’t.

–  LinkedIn Learning: “Workplace Learning Report 2021”.

The corporate training market is expected to be

$52 Billion

by 2024, with 8% CAGR.

– Technavio: “Corporate Training Market – Forecast and Analysis 2020-2024”

Drive learning outcomes with effective training

Training effectiveness depends on the quality of the training material, the presentation skills of the trainer and the level of active engagement of the trainees (participants).

Key Points to evaluate Online Training:

  • Do you know how effective your training initiatives are?
  • ​How do you ensure compliance with your business requirements?
  • Do you know how engaged your training participants are?
  • ​How do you measure the quality of training material?
  • How do you guide the trainers to improve their training skills?

Monet Live™ gives you unparalleled visibility and actionable insights for trainers, training providers, and trainees.

Monet Live™ is one-of-a-kind platform that integrates AI with videoconferencing to provide real-time engagement, emotion detection and interaction analytics for live online audiences.

Managers and Directors

  • Improve effectiveness and ROI of training initiatives.
  • Increase employee/trainee satisfaction.
  • Ensure compliance with business requirements.
  • Accelerate trainings and certifications.

Training Providers

  • Win more business from clients.
  • Provide your clients with visibility through detailed analytics.
  • Meet and exceed clients expectations for training quality and ROI.
  • Assess and improve trainer performance.


  • Improve content delivery and training performance  with granular feedback.
  • Optimize the quality and structure of your training material.
  • Drive better learning outcomes for individual learner needs.


  • Accelerate career growth through better learning habits.
  • Foster collaborative learning through self and peer engagement levels.
  • Receive personalized attention during and after training.

Platform Overview

Easy Onboarding

Access through calendar and bulk invitations. Participants can use intuitively the videoconference options of audio and video.

Understand Your Audience

Identify where and why your audience felt disengaged, distracted or confused by tracking in real- time their engagement and emotions.

Facial Action Coding

Measure attentiveness levels, detect contextualized emotions, and notice if somebody in the room may have been distracting or assisting the trainee.

Engagement and Mood Scores

Intuitive categorization of participants into High, Medium, Low engagement levels and automatic grouping of participants with camera turned off.

Observer View

Allow a designated training observer to monitor participant engagement in real time.

Participant Notifications

Notify or privately message individual participants that need help.

Live & Post-Session Analytics

Measure attentiveness levels, detect contextualized emotions, and notice if With trainer and trainee statistics, time-based playback to review, and frame by frame engagement performance for deeper analysis.

Customize using APIs

Easily integrate with other conferencing apps or business applications by using the Monet Live™ APIs.

Explore Monet Live platform and functions!

We’ll be happy to help you and your business enter the world of Digital Education through technological innovation and enhanced learning experiences to Drive Business Transformation.

Note: It is our responsibility to protect your privacy. We guarantee your information is completely confidential.

Discover Monet Live™ for Corporate Trainings!

See our new native AI-powered video conferencing platform in action for:

  1. Trainees: Standard video conferencing tools plus engagement levels.
  2. Trainer:   Engagement and mood dashboards, performance statistics, and intervention tools.
  3. External Observer: Performance statistics, intervention tools.
  4.  Business Managers: Overall and per-participant reports.
  5. Developers: Monet’s API/SDK for customization and 3rd-party platforms integrations.

Our experts in Business Transformation will help you design the best solution using Monet that suits your ideal online training needs and expectations.