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We combine AI-powered Facial API and Emotion Engine with WebRTC API and SDK to enable your proctoring solution to reduce overhead and cost.

CIOs are looking to innovate in learning environments with modern educational technology

The market for remote proctoring

has expanded

due to the growth of online learning and certifications.

– IDC Highlights

Remote proctoring services are a

key component

of online learning, professional certifications and remote examinations.

– Market Guide for Remote Proctoring, Gartner, 2021

Close attention is needed for

security and privacy

of users’ data accessed by remote proctoring services.

– Market Guide for Remote Proctoring, Gartner, 2021

For Remote Proctoring, institutions and organizations use multiple tools to address different needs and capabilities.

Along with their proctoring solutions, other platforms for communications and facial detection are added but not integrated, resulting in rising costs, poor system integration, and lack of productivity tools to help proctors deliver proactive mentoring.

Monet Live replaces complementary platforms with combined APIs to optimize costs,  integration and functionalities.


Audio & video recording + Chat for proctor – ready communications.

Facial Detection

Detect and analyze faces and emotions to discover anomalies.

Enabling proctors to help students proactively

Imagine proctors having the ability to proactively intervene as soon as a student appears confused, disappears from camera view, or does something disallowed such as cheating or being with another person or looking somewhere else for help.

  • Are you looking for intelligent and efficient ways for proctors to monitor online students, identify which students need attention, and then help proactively?
  • Are you looking to offer new solutions and services beyond proctoring?

The Monet APIs for proctoring do all that and more.

We improve proctors’ productivity with smarter AI-triggered interventions

As a leader in decoding subconscious emotions at scale, Monet augments unique and timely interventions from proctors in real time – only when needed. Going beyond face detection, Monet’s superior facial AI API enables any proctor to proactively intervene and offer help to a student based on emotion-based anomalies detected using emotional states of the students.

Our solution also integrates test-based and student cohort analytics that allow you to:

Identify the questions that trigger anxieties or behavioral anomalies in students

Improve the design of
proctoring tests

Enable new revenue streams for proactive student help and tutoring

And Monet delivers all of this at significant cost savings over competing approaches.

Our solution includes built-in infrastructure to capture, store and playback video streams.

Our solution includes built-in infrastructure to capture, store and playback video streams.

Purpose-Built for Proctoring

The WebRTC service is built specifically for a one-to-one model, reducing cost when compared to other WebRTC competitors which are structured around a more expensive many-to-many model.

Multi-Subscribing Capability

Proctors can easily subscribe to multiple students at a time, allowing for faster and more efficient proctoring workflows.​

Sophisticated Facial API

Supports detection of facial presence with confidence indicators, multiple faces, facial emotions, head movement, and eye tracking.

Integrated Facial and WebRTC APIs

Natively integrates the Facial APIs with robust and scalable WebRTC functionality to enable combined offerings.

Scalable Infrastructure

Allow a designated training observer to monitor participant engagement in real time.

Private and Secure

Compliance ready with SOC2 certification. Video streams are stored, processed and accessed securely, and no user PII is maintained.

Integrated Capabilities

Monet’s Facial API can be combined with the WebRTC API & SDK as part of an integrated offering that reduces overhead in a cost-effective implementation.​

Monet's Facial API WebRTC API & SDK

We offer Facial API and Emotion Engine to capture emotional behavior and detect the presence of faces. Offered at competitive pricing.

Facial Detection

With high precision and accuracy, faces in frames are detected and data on their features is returned, allowing for monitoring of student presence or the presence of other people in the testing environment.​

Emotions & Engagement

Monet offers best-in-class facial and emotion detection technology based on years of expertise in analyzing emotions as a service.​

Head and Eye Movement

Head movement detection and eye tracking are used to detect and report anomalies.

Actionable Emotions

Students’ emotional behavior in frames is read, providing rich data. When high levels of negative emotions are detected, frames are flagged to allow for positive intervention.​

Monet’s WebRTC API & SDK offers secure video and audio streaming with similar functionality, scalability and robustness and at lower cost when compared to other competitors.

SDK for Audio & Video

Create and manage streams Javascript events and Webhooks


Socket-based chat system​

Video Options

Custom resolution and frames/sec Automatic deletion of videos​


Protected storage and management of recordings.

Video Session Management

REST API for session management De-coupled transcoding module


.mp4 recording available Network quality

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