Win the Long Game With Gamers

PlayStation and Xbox launched new consoles with different advertising weapons. To find out which ad was most effective, Monet tested and analyzed subconscious and conscious reactions of gamers.


Xbox chose Daniel Kaluuya (Black Panther) along with dramatic music and heavy CGI. The celebrity actor helped Xbox draw ATTENTION, and breakthrough the noise – scoring much higher than PlayStation in AROUSAL and SHARABILITY.

PlayStation fought back with a powerful narrative and intense real-life record-breaking footage, which created a lot more EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT. In the Monet dashboard above you can see emotions peak at “We want to see what’s never been seen, hear what’s never been heard.”

Celebrities helped breakthrough the noise and draw short-term interest. But emotional engagement builds short term AND loyal fanship for the long-haul. Net: trial vs loyalty. This conclusion can also be seen in our PVOD study for the launch of King of Staten Island. Combining both celebrity and spoken word might create a winning brand campaign (Amanda Gorman is ready).


Xbox PlayStation
Attention 36.1 29.6
Emotional Engagement 57.8 66.5
Action 57.8 53.8
Monet Power Score 47.3 49.4

The Monet AI-powered Humanized Data Platform is quickly becoming the new secret weapon of on-the-ball Brand, Agency, Entertainment, and Political content creators to find out which emotions drive consumer reactions.

Request a quick demo today on the patented Monet methodology or to measure the emotional engagement of your commercials, trailers, pilots, and social videos.

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