Meet the team

Rob Schulze


Rob has worked in the marketing and distribution of entertainment content for over 30 years. The first 25 were spent in Hollywood, where he was a sr. film distribution executive working at several major studios (Paramount, New Line/Fine Line, Focus/Universal). Rob’s ability to understand audiences as well as the competitive landscape contributed to the success of numerous Academy Award winning films such as There Will Be Blood, Babel, and An Inconvenient Truth. Rob moved to London in 2008, at which point he was appointed MD, International for Nielsen’s global Entertainment Content division, NRG. He was a driving force in the commercialization and expansion of NRG’s consumer research tools. In 2015, the Stagwell Group acquired NRG. Rob left the organization in late 2018 to work as a consultant for Monet Network, a Los Angeles based tech start up company that has developed a cutting edge research platform that harmonizes conscious and subconscious survey methodologies to produce a new level of insight in the assessment of entertainment content, such as digital TV programming, film trailers and online advertising.