Mobile and SDK Solutions

  • a publisher trying to enhance your traffic or improve the quality of the content on your website?
  • a content delivery or OTT platform creating original content wanting creative insights on the content you are creating?
  • a mobile App carrying original or partner content and want to deliver better user engagement analytics?


Monet offers web and mobile SDKs for plugging Monet Analytics into existing applications. This lightweight client widget can be installed as a few lines of code into a publishers website, or via an Android or iOS SDK integration on existing mobile applications.

Using APIs provided by Monet, any content on the publisher or App could be registered to gather Monet Analytics. Users will be directed to opt-in to give their inputs in return for attractive incentives. Monet SDK also offers optional rewards integration capability via APIs or a secure log-in as well.

  • By using Monet Analytics publishers can get unique insights on their content by visitors on their own webpages or users of their applications. Benefits include:
  • Iterate and optimize content
  • Deliver better analytics to advertisers and partners
  • Capture conscious and subconscious emotional reactions to content by demographic or psychographic user segments
  • Understand positive and negative “Salient Scenes”
  • Get relative rankings of your web or app content with normative data based on category and genre
  • Contact us to integrate Monet SDK in your platform.